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Garden Party Ideas

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Garden Party Ideas

The most famous garden party is of course the one hosted by The Queen – these are huge events with The Queen welcoming over 30,000 guests to spend a relaxed summer afternoon in the beautiful gardens of Buckingham Palace or the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Read on for our garden party ideas.

According to official sources at each Garden Party, around 27,000 cups of tea, 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake are consumed!  You may have heard the rumours that all you get is a few meagre cucumber sandwiches, but you couldn’t be more wrong … my insider tells me that they had a choice of five sandwiches including free range egg mayonnaise with cress, gammon ham, tomato & wholegrain mustard, cucumber with fresh mint and black pepper, chicken & asparagus wrap with baby spinach and smoked salmon  bagel, black pepper and crème fraiche. There are also and nine choices of cake including lemon tart, dundee cake, coffee éclair, strawberry tart, victoria sponge, raspberry shortbread, strawberry and cream battenberg, chocolate and praline croustillant, fruit scone with cream and jam …

Ok, so your Garden Party may be a little more low key, but no matter how big or small the occasion, House of Party can assist with your garden party decorations.

Garden Party Ideas

Garden parties are all about bringing the indoors out, and making the most of the sunshine. My auntie loves spending time in her garden and has perfected hosting the best garden party. She says the key for a fun and successful garden party is in the little details, and to not shy away from a little mismatching.

She recommends using “floral” or “wildlife” as an overall theme, and to then use different ranges and colours within this theme. For example, at her latest garden party she used a combination of Tree Top Friends, Vintage Rose and Little Owl, all different ranges which complements each other with pretty flowers and woodland animals. Mixing your ranges gives you a unique take on a party.

One essential party decoration for a garden party is cake (of course!), you don’t need to have the best baking skills in the world, but presenting your cake is key. Cake boxes, cake stands and cupcake cases will make any cake look delicious! Why not try cute fox printed cupcake cases in the Woodland Friends range, or the pretty cake stands in our Vintage Rose range, and the cake boxes in the Frills and Spills range.

Bunting is another essential for decorating garden parties, the With Love range have lovely floral buntings or maybe you would prefer a feather garland which is perfect for an outdoorsy party. Introducing a feather head dress brings a bit of fun to the table for both children and adults too!

Garden Party Decorations

The little details of a garden party are essential, from little pegs, glass markers, place names, party bags… and plenty of games! The Pow Wow teepee treat boxes are great for a party in the outdoors, or the Pow Wow hotdog holders are perfect if you’re having a BBQ. Chalkboard place names are a lovely way of giving your garden party a personal touch, and you can use these over and over at all your upcoming parties!

If you’re looking for a flowers and stripes pattern to add to your garden party, then I highly recommend having a look at our Frills and Spills range. Frills and Spills have beautiful bunting and even floral and stripes party poppers.

We have all the essentials for a fantastic garden party, for any age and occasion.

Our range includes Pow Wow, Woodland Friends,Frills and Spills , Elegant Butterflies, Contemporary Heart, Vintage Romance, With Love, Vintage Rose to name a few!

If you want to have a chat to me about your party or find out more garden party ideas please don’t hesitate to contact me or visit our brand new Balloon Boutique in Oswestry, Shropshire.

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