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18th Birthday Party Ideas

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18th Birthday Party Ideas

An 18th Birthday is a time for many firsts.  At 18 you can:

  • Legally buy and drink alcohol;
  • You can join the armed forces without your parents’ permission;
  • You can buy a house and apply for a mortgage;
  • You can buy fireworks;
  • You can get married without your parents’ permission;
  • You can vote;
  • You can get a tattoo!

So being eighteen is certainly something to celebrate … and we’ve got lots of ideas at House of Party of how to do this in style.

For an amazing 18th birthday party, you need all the essentials, including balloons (because you can’t have a birthday party without balloons, no matter how old you are!), jazzy table decorations, colourful room decorations, and plenty of food and music! Read on for our 18th birthday party ideas, decorations, ranges and themes.

18th Birthday Party Ideas

I think the best place to start planning an 18th birthday party is deciding on a theme; what interests does the birthday boy/girl have? What sort of individual are they? From gathering a list of this person’s character and hobbies we can then pinpoint the best theme for them! I recommend the Neon theme for an outgoing individual, a brilliant range full of bright colours, perfect for a “disco” or “nightclub” feel.

My best friend loves the reality TV program TOWIE and she wanted the day to be totally ‘The Only Way is Essex’ orientated. I found the Keep Calm decorations the ideal way to bring this to life, and it was a success! We even had everyone dressed up as the different characters. Our Keep Calm range is perfect for a fan of the reality TV programme.

Maybe the birthday boy/girl is slightly more reserved and prefers a sophisticated theme, if this sounds more to their taste, I recommend the golden 18th Birthday Theme. The 18th Birthday Theme is ideal for “add ons” to make your party extra special, such as bubbles, poppers, games, bunting and name tags.

18th Birthday Party Decorations and Balloons

If you’ve decided on a theme now all you need is the props to bring the party together – here at House of Party we have a fantastic range of beautiful party decorations, birthday balloons, table decorations, party invitations, bunting and party bags.

We have all the essentials for a fantastic 18th birthday party.  Our range includes Neon, 18th Birthday Gold, Keep Calm, Comic Superhero, Vintage Rose to name a few!  If you want to have a chat to me about your 18th birthday party ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me or visit our brand new Balloon Boutique in Oswestry, Shropshire.

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