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Top tips for your perfect Summer party

June 20 2016 • Edited by Artie

Summer party ideas

Summer is the perfect time of year to celebrate, whether you’re celebrating the sunshine out in the garden with a BBQ or you’re enjoying the school holidays indoors with tea and cake – there’s plenty of party themes to choose from! Artie, our very own party planner is on hand to offer you all top tips for your perfect Summer party. Read on to find out all the latest summer party ideas …

Ice cream party theme

If you’re looking for a classic summer party theme, Artie highly recommends an ice cream bonanza theme! Ice cream and sunshine are the perfect combination if you’re hosting a party during the summer. The beauty of an ice cream bonanza is that you can enjoy this party indoors too (as we all know that the weather has a mind of his own!) so there’s no need to worry should it rain on the day of your summer gathering.

To make the most of your ice cream bonanza, why not get your guests involved in decorating their ice creams with chopped fruit, nuts, sweets, crushed biscuits, crumbled meringue and chocolate chunks! The list is endless for sauce toppings too… don’t be scared of offering more than just the ordinary strawberry or toffee sauce, why not try a taste of peanut butter, marshmallow spread, lemon drizzle or fruit coulis. Once you’ve got your flavours in place you can then decorate your table with colourful napkins, paper plates, buntings and you can display your various toppings effectively using a cupcake stand!

Seaside party theme

When the summer sun comes out, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think of sunbathing by the pool? Maybe getting the BBQ out? Sipping on an tropical cocktail? Or do you reminisce over fond memories at the sea side? I find the smell of suncream and the sound of seagulls a sign that the summer has arrived, and what better way of enjoying the sunshine than with a seaside party theme, this is one of our favourite summer party ideas! Whether you live a short walk away from the beach or a 3 hour drive away from the coast… you can bring the seaside to your home with the right party decorations and imagination.

You can’t have a seaside party without a sprinkle of sand, however, not everyone will enjoy the crunch of sand in their party food… so maybe allocate a ‘bucket and spade’ corner for your guests to have a sand castle competition.

There are various ways of decorating a seaside party theme, if you prefer a nautical theme, why not decorate your party with anchors, rope, and blue and white stripes. Artie recommends the Ahoy there party range if you’re looking for nautical party decorations.

If you’d prefer to feel like you’re enjoying the seaside at a more exotic part of the world, Artie recommends a hula theme, with plenty of colours, flowers and fruit! You can’t have a hula party theme without straw skirts and leis for your party guests. Why not cut out pineapples to serve your party drinks, and a hula piñata competition to entertain both adults and children.

Picnic party theme

Another of our summer party ideas is a picnic party, this has already seen to be very popular this year – Artie has seen many different ranges used for a picnic party, for all different ages! We’ve seen dinosaur picnic party theme, minion picnic theme, vintage picnic theme and Artie’s big sister celebrated her 18th birthday party with cupcake and Prosecco picnic party.

At House of Party we have full collections to decorate a picnic party theme, if you’re looking for paper straws, cups, plates, cup cake boxes… you’ll find everything within the range! Take a look at our various collections here. If you’re hosting a garden party with a BBQ, why not have your guests enjoy the feast as a picnic, it’s a guarantee hit with both the children and adults.

If you’d like more advice on hosting a perfect summer party, or more summer party ideas  get in touch with Artie…