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Gender Reveal Party Ideas

December 01 2016 • Edited by Artie

Organising a Gender Reveal Party

This is a brand new event on the British party calendar. Like a baby shower, this is an event we’ve adopted from America that I find is getting increasingly popular in the UK. It all starts following the expectant mothers 20 week scan, when the gender of the baby can be discovered. Many parents still choose to keep the gender of the baby a secret until birth, however it is becoming a popular choice to announce the gender of the baby at a Gender Reveal Party. Read on for my gender reveal party ideas.

Is it a girl or a boy?

Similar to the set up of a Baby Shower, the parents-to-be invite close friends and family together to announce the gender of the unborn baby. I have seen the announcement of the gender delivered in various ways…  a gender reveal party idea for expectant parents who already know the gender of the baby, allows the party to be arranged around the unveiling of the gender to the guests. Another one of my gender reveal party ideas is slightly braver, the parents to-be ask the radiographer to record the gender in a sealed envelope, the gender is then revealed by the mother to all guests at the same time as finding out herself. Although this is a brave and exciting reveal,  organising this party is slightly more difficult.

If you choose to opt for the braver option of revealing the gender at the same time as finding out yourself, I recommend you arrange to have your party roughly 2 weeks after your scan, this allows for cancellation/delay if the gender is unable to be determined at the scan.

As I saw the popularity of the Gender Reveal party grow, I decided to stock a Gender Reveal range at the House of Party shop, which includes invitations, tableware and balloons. This is one of the first ranges that have been designed especially for this event.

Gender reveal party ideas – it’s all about the cake!

An important part of the gender reveal is through the cake. One of the first tasks should be to seek a supplier of a cake or themed cup cakes that you trust as the cake designer should be warned that you will provide them with the gender of the baby in an envelope which they must keep confidential. The design of the cake should be pink or blue(depending on the gender!) and the cake is then revealed as part of the gender reveal. Of course the cake should be provided in a sealed cake box in preparation for the event. The gender will ultimately be revealed when the mother removes the lid of the cake box with all the guests surrounding the cake. Pink, it’s a girl, blue it’s a boy.

Following the big reveal, the party then follows a similar running order to a baby shower, full of fun games, gifts and lots of food!