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Creating a Trolls Party to Remember

August 02 2017 • Edited by Artie

Artie’s Brief: Creating a Trolls Party to Remember

Artie set the team a special task this week.  To create a Trolls party in our Showroom in Oswestry.  Artie was clear that he wanted to create something special that the people of North Wales and Shropshire would flock to.  So the team set upon creating Trollsland!

Our goal was clear, we needed to create a wow factor within the showroom.  We felt that a Trolls party theme would need to be bright, multicoloured and most of all have a ‘Happy’ feel.

Our first piece of design was to create a large arch of balloons to signify the entrance to Trollsland.  We decided to use our Shropshire balloon artist to create a floral themed arch of balloons.  At over 7ft tall the arch was a great starting point to the Trolls party theme.

Trolls: Key Characters

Following the creation of the balloon arch we played the Trolls soundtrack and movie preview.  This gave us inspiration for some key elements of the party design.  Our therory of colour being important was further enforced, but in particular we had noted the colour of Bridget’s hair.  We also thought that Guy the Cloud would make a great addition to the decoration.

To symbolise Bridget’s hair we decided to create a second arch, this time the arch was to be floating from the ceiling with rainbow, neon coloured Qualatex Balloons.  Qualatex balloons are by far the highest quality balloons, and wherever possible we only use Qualatex Balloons.  The floating arch would resemble a rainbow but also be in tune with the movie.

Guy the Cloud was the most fun piece to create.  Our balloon artists worked hard to create the correct shape out of 11″ and 5″ latex balloons with a couple of purple 260Q modelling balloons added to create Guy’s legs and arms.  Eyes were added to bring Guy to life, again using the cute eyes product from Qualatex.

Following the creation of Guy and the floating arch we looked to create further less central characters around the room.  We wanted to immerse our visitors into Trollsland, so we created some oversized flowers.  We had considered adding large scary mouths to the flowers but felt that these would take away from the ‘Happy’ place that Arty was keen to achieve.  Again we decided on bright colours to create large stunning flowers situated at different heights.

Now it was time to consider Poppy, we attempted to build Poppy from scratch but failed to achieve the look we required.  We therefore went back to the drawing board and used Amscan Orbz balloons on balloon columns and Poppy Street Treats.  The Street Treat balloons allowed us to dot Poppy around the Showroom in different positions, creating action shots.

Trolls Balloons Vertical Decoration

Artie felt that once we got to this stage further vertical decoration was required to complete the look.  To meet Artie’s demand for perfection we decided to use some large 3ft Balloons from Qualatex.  Filled to 2ft and suspended from the ceiling at different heights, these really did make the space truely stunning.  The cheapest option for these balloons (but also they last longer) is to fill the balloons with air and suspend on fishing wire, rather than fill with Helium.  Helium can be expensive, especially when filling such big balloons.

The final party of the decoration, Qualatex Quick-Link Balloons with some key phases from the film placed on some Qualatex Bubble balloons.  Again the colours were bright with lime green and fuchsia being key elements.  The bubble balloons formed the top piece of the columns with the phases, “Hug Time” and “Happy Place” written with glitter on the balloons.  We also added some flag or pennant banners across our balcony for further Trolls themed bling!

Trolls Tableware

Artie was happy with the decoration now it was time to set the table.  The table was created with a full troll themed tableware range.  Plates, Cups, Napkins, Table covers were used to create a Trolls party that anyone can create at home.

As ever if your local to Artie’s team in and around Shropshire, then give us a call and we can re-create the theme in full or to your specification.  Our balloon artists and party planners in Shropshire will be more than happy to help.  Visit our online shop or pop in to our party shop in Oswestry to view all the elements of Trollsland and recreate at home.